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The Clear Plastics – Acrylic, Polycarbonate, and PETG

Erie Industrial Plastics consistently stocks acrylic, polycarbonate, and PETG in a variety of thicknesses and colors. Our experienced staff can help you select which material is best for your application and offer insight on edge finishing, mechanical or adhesive fastening systems, hardware, and even cleaning products.

Benefits of Acrylic

Acrylic sheet is offered in wide variety of colors, surface finishes, thicknesses, and sheet sizes. It also can be purchased in rod and tube form for special projects. The surface of acrylic is relatively hard and resists scratching under moderate conditions. It can be bent, laser-cut, engraved, polished, and glued with great ease and optimum aesthetic value.

Acrylic is commonly used in sheet form for signage and glazing applications but because of its outstanding fabrication characteristics is also a favorite for display cases, literature racks, machine covers, candy bins, POP displays, and more.

Benefits of Polycarbonate

Polycarbonate is the most impact-resistant thermoplastic used in the glazing and signage markets. It comes in variety of sheet sizes and thicknesses to meet a wide range of industry demands. There are a few colors and finishes available to choose from, but the selection is more limited compared to acrylic. Polycarbonate can be machined, bent, glued, and mechanically fastened to produce machine guards and other enclosures; however, due to its composition, polycarbonate is not an ideal material to thermoform or polish.

Erie Industrial Plastics produces hundreds of polycarbonate machine guards every year for all types of businesses. Let us help you put safety first with free design advice on your next guarding application.

Benefits of PETG

Like acrylic, PETG is a clear thermoplastic sheet that is commonly used for fabricated products. It is easily cut, machined, and glued for assembly and also can be thermoformed to produce very detailed and uniquely designed parts. It is softer than acrylic, making it more vulnerable to scratching, but it has greater impact strength to resist breakage. It’s mix of strength, clarity, and ease of fabrication make it an ideal choice for machine guards, equipment covers, and POP displays.

PETG is a transparent plastic sheet with excellent impact resistance and outstanding thermoforming characteristics.

Technical Data Sheet – PETG (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol)

PETG is a clear, amorphous thermoplastic with outstanding thermoforming characteristics. It is lightweight but has a high impact strength. It can also be vacuum formed or thermoformed without pre-drying and is ideal for applications that require deep draws and intricate die cuts with structural integrity. PETG sheets can be die cut, drilled, bent (cold or hot), and are easily bonded and glued. PETG can also reduce sound emissions and is FDA compliant for food applications and packaging.

PETG is an incredibly versatile material and can be used in a wide range of applications both indoors and out. It can be sterilized by gamma radiation, E-beam, and ethylene oxide without discoloration, so it is ideal for medical and chemical applications. It is also commonly used for point-of-sale displays as it is easily printed and painted on and can be manufactured UV-resistant. Electrostatic dissipative and conductive coatings are also available for use in electronics and electronics packaging.


  • Outstanding deep draw thermoforming
  • Good impact resistance
  • Chemical-resistant
  • Easy to fabricate and machine
  • Good clarity

Common Applications

  • Sign and graphic holders
  • POP displays and store fixtures
  • Product and tabletop displays
  • Thermoformed trays
  • Prototypes and models
  • Orthotic and prosthetic devices
  • Machine guards and housings

PETG Properties Chart

Tensile strength psi D638 3,800
Flexural Strength Mpa D790 77
Notched Impact J/m D256 88
Hardness, Rockwell R   D785 106
Heat deflection temperature @ 66 psi °F D648 158
Vicat Softening Point °F D1525 185
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion Mm/mm-℃ D696 5.1×10^-5
Elongation at break (.120” thickness) % D638 54

Values may vary. Please ask your Erie Industrial Plastics representative for more specific information.