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Cut-To-Size Thermoplastic And Thermoset Materials For Custom Products

For companies who prefer to fabricate their custom products, Erie Industrial Plastics offers distribution opportunities for a wide variety of thermoplastic and thermoset materials. Below are the different thermoplastics and thermosets EIP can provide to customers, and the plastic’s associated material sheet for further detail and specification information.

Thermoplastic is a material that is flexible and can change formation when heated. Available materials include:

Thermoset is a material that will not change its form with heat. Available materials include:

  • Arboron/Arborite
  • Canvas, Phenolic (C/CE)
  • Linen, Phenolic (L/LE)
  • Paper, Phenolic (XX/XXX)
  • GPO-1, 2 & 3
  • SG-200, H-330
  • G-7, G-9/G-5, G-10/FR-4, G-11
  • FRP (Extren)

Not sure which plastic material is best for your customized product?

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