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There are hundreds of plastic materials available in the marketplace today with varying shapes, sizes and properties associated with them. Over the past 23 years, the customer service team at Erie Industrial Plastics has acquired a vast working knowledge of many of these materials to help assist our customers with product choice and project development. In addition, EIP has continually reinvested in production equipment to help diversify its value-added fabrication capabilities.

We offer numerous services that many traditional fabrication shops do not. These services include laser cutting and engraving, plastic welding, thermoforming, edge-polishing and light assembly work. Our goal is to anticipate our customers needs and make the buying experience as easy as possible. We are truly a one-stop-shop for all of your plastic needs.

Customized Laser Cutting and Engraving

Erie Industrial Plastics offers a variety of industrial and commercial engraving services. Our 120-Watt Epilog Legend Engraver has a 24” x 36” layout table making it a great choice for large and small-volume projects. Plastic materials most commonly fabricated on the laser include Acrylic, PETG, Nylon, Acetal, Phenolic and Polyethylene. In addition to plastic, we can also engrave on wood, glass and anodized aluminum.

Our laser services have been used to cut and engrave products for awards and recognition, display and advertising, food processing, signage, mass transit and many other industrial applications. We can even reproduce photographs, engrave on leather and cylindrical items like glasses and bottles.

Plastics Thermoforming

EIP has invested into two types of plastic thermoforming equipment to help meet our customers’ needs. Straight-line bending and small-format vacuum forming are done in house to accommodate individuals and businesses that don’t require high-volume injection molded parts. Our 48” and 96” long strip heaters allow us to bend most thermoplastic materials for displays, machine guards and other industrial components.

Our Formech686 vacuum forming machine has a 24” x 24” platform and digital controls for great efficiency and repeatability on low-volume production runs. This is a great machine when forming materials like PETG, Kydex, Acrylic and ABS. If necessary, we can combine the thermoforming with our other fabrication services to provide a finished part that is assembled, boxed and ready for delivery.

Plastic Welding Services

Plastic welding is another value-added service being offered by Erie Industrial Plastics. We employ stick welding and extrusion welding techniques to meet the demands of our diversified customer base. Whether it’s a chemical tank, a washdown cover, a tray liner or pen for your pet snake, EIP can assist you with your next containment project.

Edge Polishing

Whether you are completing your plastic fabrication project with EIP or not, we can help you improve on the quality of your work with our in-house edge polishing equipment. Traditional methods of wheel polishing, flame polishing and diamond-edge polishing can be used to dramatically change the look on an acrylic, PETG or polycarbonate assembly. If a “wow” factor is what you are looking for, Erie Industrial Plastics can help.

Cutting Boards for Commercial Use

Offering multiple products and services helps Erie Industrial Plastics to differentiate ourselves from other plastic fabricators. EIP carries HDPE cutting boards in variety of thicknesses and colors to meet the FDA and NSF requirements of the industry. Full sheets may be a consideration for larger corporations and chains, but our full fabrication department is also available to help meet the specific needs of our moderate users as well. We offer cut-to-size cutting boards and addition to machined boards with handles, pockets and juice rings if desired. We service hotels, restaurants & bars, convenience stores, butcher shops, grocery stores and charter fishing boats to name a few.

OEM Services

Erie Industrial Plastics is committed to supplying the highest quality plastic fabricated components to OEM’s in a variety of industries. Our experienced staff can assist your sales, engineering and purchasing departments with insight on material selection, product design and functionality. We offer prototype services as well as blanket-order options for larger production runs. Regardless of the project, our goal is to make your decisions as easy as possible.


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