Polycarbonate is similar to acrylic as it offers comparable clarity; however, polycarbonate is set apart by an impact resistance that is unsurpassed in plastic glazing materials. Polycarbonate is used in applications such as machine guards and security windows that require the optical clarity with the assurance of safety. Polycarbonate is lightweight and relatively stiff; making it easy to saw, machine, heat form, and paint. Because of these properties, the amount of applications for polycarbonate are relatively endless with new products constantly being designed incorporating this strong, tough material.

Polycarbonate (PC) resins are produced in the U.S. principally by General Electric Co–Lexan–and by Bayer Corp–Makrolon. PC is available in general-purpose and specialty grades that provide specific properties or processing characteristics. These include flame-retardant formulations, parts used in food-contact and medical applications (using grades that meet FDA regulations), and glass-reinforced grades for applications requiring maximum strength and stiffness. The natural resin is water-clear and transparent.

Industry trade names: Cyrolon, Excelon PC, Hyzod Tl Lexan, Makrolon, Polycarb, Polygal, Tuffak, & Zelux.


Polycarbonate Machining Services

Erie Industrial Plastics provides plastic manufacturing and distribution services with high quality, tight tolerance products that meet our clients specifications. Offering a variety of polycarbonate machining and fabrication services, we work with our clients to select the most effective and efficient manufacturing process to ensure your polycarbonate machined part is manufactured to the exact specifications required. Call Erie Industrial Plastics today for all of your polycarbonate machining and fabrication needs.


Popular Uses for Polycarbonate (Lexan)

  • Race car windows
  • Transparent visors for hockey and football players
  • Window well covers
  • Re-usable drinking bottles
  • Computers: Apple, Inc.’s MacBook, iMac, and Mac mini
  • Machine guarding glass
  • Laminated layers of polycarbonate can be engineered to stop various size bullets

Characteristics of Polycarbonate (PC)

  • 20% Glass Filled
  • Abrasion Resistant  
  • Aircraft
  • Flame Retardant
  • Bullet Resistant
  • Twin Wall
  • Textured
  • UV Resistant

Polycarbonate (PC) Sheet, Rod, Film & Tube

Polycarbonates are generally unaffected by greases and oils. However, they are attacked by most aromatic solvents and esters which cause cracking in stressed parts. Grades with improved chemical resistance are available, and special coatings can be applied to provide additional chemical protection. We have Polycarbonate available in sheet, rod, film, and tube for all applications.

We carry an extensive range of clear & color Polycarbonate. Please call for color availability.

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