Erie Industrial Plastics Provides Plastic Line Bending Services with New HRK 125 Series Linear Heater

Erie Industrial Plastics (EIP) recently acquired a new linear heat table, the HRK 125 Series from Edge Finisher. With the HRK Series capabilities, EIP can now produce seamless bends for all types of plastic products including but not limited to:

  • Display Cases
  • Machine Guards/Food Processing Guards
  • Protective Housing Units
  • Tray Organizers/Organizational storage Units

EIP is a full-service industrial plastic distribution and fabrication facility offering a wide range of plastic products and value-added services to support the regional manufacturing and commercial markets. With our new HRK 125 Series line bending machine, EIP is truly becoming your one-stop-shop for all of your plastic needs.

HRK 125 Series Line Bending Machine—The Advanced Model with Top and Bottom Heating Elements

Featuring many similar characteristics of the HR and HRT Series. The HRK Series comes with the addition of double-sided heating, adjustable heating wires built into a steel frame, and a programmable timer that automatically releases when the user-defined time is reached to provide consistent top and bottom heating.

As specialists in close tolerance machining and plastic fabrication, EIP is committed to producing high-quality creative displays like plastic bookcases, food processing machine guards, and protective housing units are all delivered on-time and on-budget with our new HRK Series plastic line bender. We work with our customers to fully understand product specifications, technical requirements, and produce a premium finished product.

Specifications of EIP’s HRK 125 Series Plastic Stripheater

EIP’s HRK 125 Series provides close tolerance plastic bending without any pretreatments, tight radius edges for crisp bends while having the capabilities to work with all thermoplastics like Polycarbonate PC, plexiglass, acrylic, PMMA, PVC, and PETG. Some other characteristics of the HRK 125 Series stripheater include but aren’t limited to:

  • Heats up to 500° Celsius | 932° Fahrenheit
  • Max working length: 49.25 in | 1250 mm
  • Can heat .01-.78 in | 0.3-20 mm thick in 20 seconds
  • Bend up to 20 mm thick of material
  • 8 adjustable heating lines  
  • Capable of making two close bends and wide reflectors for bending big radius
  • No bubbles or banana effect — straight and precise finishing
  • No water cooling treatment needed  
  • Can provide foil bendings as an accessory
    • 6 seconds for 3 mm forex (foamed PVC)
    • No distortion
    • Contact heating for thin sheets—single and double contact—for various shapes

After the HRK 125 Series heats the material, it is positioned on a JIG to bend to its required shape held together either with weights or JIG clamps. The HRK 125 Series’s accessories offer various extension options, specially made fixtures, underframes, and foil bending profiles. For more about EIP’s HRK 125 Series, the video below talks about all it has to offer.

Erie Industrial Plastic’s Other Plastic Fabrication Services

We offer numerous services in addition to plastic line bending. These services include laser cutting and engraving, plastic welding, thermoforming, edge-polishing, and light assembly work. Our goal is to anticipate our customer’s needs and make the buying experience as easy as possible. All of our value-added services coupled with our new state-of-art line bending machine makes EIP your one stop shop for custom plastic fabrication.

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